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little icon update

Sorry guys for being such a shitty LJ friend. I know I hardly update, but this is just staggering!
Recently things in real life just changed a lot. I'm now a student and was pretty busy with moving and getting to know new things and of course studying.
Nevertheless: Here it is! A small update of some icons I was able to make in the last three/four months.

Most of them are from movies I watched recently and which I really really loved. No text or huge texture involved in all of these, but primary focusing on the coloring.
I hope you all like them, comments and credit would be awesome =)

Including Bollywood icons(Delhi 6, Ghajini, Dil Se..)
and some icons from Hollywood movies(Harry Potter, Lost in Translation, the Trumanshow)


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nine favorite Bollywood dancing scenes

So here we go! I'm always, really always too late. This is a last minute entry for the current challenge of picspammy. But I really
had to make this one. I think this challenge is just perfect for some Bollywoodsongs. I saw someone doing a similar picspam for his favorite Disney Song scenes ans sequences and so I really wanted to do a picspam of my nine favorite Bollywood song scenes <3
Originally there should have been ten songs, but I ran out of time and couldn't decide anyway which songs to pick.
It was so much fun to choose, but it was also quite hard. I could have made also a top twenty/thirty ranking because there are so many quality ones!
So this is just my personal taste, I tried to keep some balance and choose favorite songs of mine which represent different areas of Bollywoodsongs. Still those are mostly the ones which first popped into my mind when thinking of my favorites(although I'm sure I forgot some *sigh*)
I also added a little description to each one and a youtubelink in case you feel like watching some :) Enjoy <3
This is my first picspam ever, so please bear with me if I made some mistakes..

- Please don't reuse these caps
- comments are love :)

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It's an icon update *omg* <3

Yes, after more than half a year, finally some icons.
I'm again so sorry for the lack of updates. Never had the time to do it all at once :(
In 20 days is my final exam(Abitur in Germany) and I'm quite scared, this will be huuge!!
But now back to the icons. I, of course did create a lot more in the last half year, but as I wanted this bunch to make a consistent impression,
I did not upload them all. So these are only the latest ones I made, I really do hope you like them :)

Almost all of them are from movies. The namesake is one of my favorites, it's definitely worth watching, because Tabu and Irrfan are divine <3 Most of the caps are from bubbles001 , so thanks a lot :)
Kill Bill is one of the movies I've recently most fallen in love with. I really didn't know how stunning both movies are.
Uma is an amazing roaring and rampaging bride, I love her!
The same goes for the lord of the rings. Sam is my favorite. He is loyal and always friendly, yet so naive, but still a true friend.
I've recently watched Tashan. I don't know what's going on, I really liked that movie! The story is very simple indeed, but I don''t care.
That's because Saif and Kareena are to die for, their songs and the locations are amazing and I also liked Akshay and Anil. It really never got boring and this movie is pure entertainment. Really not as bad as some think. (Some caps were provided by lauraaa33 , thanks!)
Prem Granth and DTPH are my classics, Madhuri is a goddess, enough said.
And Pride and Prejudice is a lovely movie anyway. I could watch it all and all over again.
I know, I shouldn't spread my thoughts about the movies, since I only made some icons. But I really love them and couldn't stop telling something about them :)

Almost forgot it, my new header was created by the great casettes.

So that's almost it. Since it's the birthday of lauraaa33 today, I once again want to wish her all the best and a happy birthday.
enjoy it dear <3


[the namesake]
[Kill Bill, Vol 1&2]
[DTPH&Prem Granth]
[Pride and Prejudice]

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HDDCS and Taal screencaps for you :)

So here we go :) It's been ages since my last update. I've been awfully busy. School's eating me - I will graduate in 2009 and my final exam is in march. *eeek*
So I'm really sorry for the lack of updates folks :(
Anyway, here are some caps of two great movies for you. Both are from 1999 and starring beautiful Aishwarya Rai. And therefore the caps are pretty much focused on her.
The Taal ones have extra files with the songs in it. I didn't cap all the songs in HDDCS, as some pictures were too distorted.
Have fun <3

movie: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
year: 1999
caps: 750
size: 19 mb

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movie: Taal
year: 1999
caps: 1261
size: 49 mb

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Icon update

139 icons
6 wallpapers

[50] misc Bollystuff
[36] Twilight(New Teaser)
[29] Potter Trio(But mostly Emma Watson)
[12] Yu-na Kim & Mao Asada
[9] Das Parfüm


-please credit when use
-don't change my creations
-Comments are great and my biggest motivation :)

I finally got a new bunch together. I wanted to update far earlier, but my computer sucked. It died just three days after my last entry. I had to sent it to the store where I bought it.
And you can't imagine my fear, because all my files, everything on it didn't have a backup.

Meanwhile I also went to Berlin and didn't have time to take care of it.
Berlin was awesome by the way :) Well the weather was a disaster on my first day there, but afterwards we only had sunshine and did see lots of interesting things..

Back home I went to the store and asked if they did repair my PC. Haha, they didn't even look at it!! I was so angry, so I just grabbed my computer and brought it to another store, where they(thank god!) could save my files and repair it.
That's why it took long to create icons, as I was about two weeks without Photoshop.

So, that's it! Special credit goes to la_inspiracion, I love her curtain texture!
And some wallpapers were also strongly inspired by the wallpaper.psd from navi_glow
Some caps were used from bubbles001, thanks for sharing :)

Join irisvelia irisvelia irisvelia <3


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I'm done!! I'm finally done *omg*

I can't believe it. School stuff is finally over, I am soo relieved!
I didn't have exams or anything like this, but so many tests and lots of presentations.
We had this seminar course(sorry don't know the english word) and I had to write about 20 sites about the monkeys and the humans. So exciting, really ;)
But I did enjoyed it, because it's quite an interesting topic..

But I'm always, really always, last minute. I can't stop it! It's like a congenital mechanism.
I always tell myself: Do something! You have the time now girl.
But somehow I always get to work two days before the important day. Strange, but I can't change it xD

Anyway. I don't know if I was good at everything, but I'm sure the results are satisfying..
Well that's why I didn't have time to create anything, plus: I'm having driving lessons right now.
I know it sounds boring, but I soo love it :D I just hope I'll pass the exam.. My teacher even recommended valerian, because I'm always like freaking out in the car and I can be very hectic..

Now I want to create lots of new icons, I hope I can post some soon :)
Next week I'm heading for Berlin with my History class - I'm so excited :D

Aww, almost forgot it: I recently joined a wonderful community with lots of awesome icon makers, whom I all adore!
navi_glow came up with the idea and I'm very glad to be a part of it :)
So, feel free to join it, you'll see lots of icon entries, textures, sometimes tutorials and psds <3

irisvelia irisvelia irisvelia irisvelia irisvelia irisvelia

My new header is also from fantastic navi_glow *thankies*
It shows graceful Yu-Na Kim, one of my favorite figure skaters.. A wonderful person
and really worth a look :)

Last but not least. The European football championchips are so exciting! Germany really made it to the finale. I don't know what to say - but it's fantastic!
I so hope we beat Spain, but if we lose it won't be the end of the world. We've come until here and that's great..
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First icon coloring tutorial!

How to achieve this coloring

other icons made with the same coloring

I've made this coloring tutorial which was requested by babliz .
It matches well with screencaps and promo pictures.

This tutorial involves
-selective coloring,
-color balance,
-color fill layers!
+ psd.file

-made with Adobe Photoshop 7

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Twilight update!

This teaser just almost got me killed. At the beginning I wasn't so thrilled like I'm now, although I couldn't stop screaming the whole teaser through like: "Robert! Kristen! Aaaww! OMG!"
And I could die everytime Robert says "You really souldn't have said that" *uuhh*
Now I absolutely love it! And I can't wait for this movie to hit the screens!

So I couldn't resist making some twilight icons, wallpapers and banners!

[40] Twilight teaser icons
[7] banners
[5] wallpapers


-please credit when use
-don't change my creations
-do not hotlink
-comments are LOVE! Tell me if you like what you see :)

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finally! 97 icons, 5 wallpapers and a new layout *yay*

finally! 97 icons, 5 wallpapers and a new layout *yay*

[31] Bole Chudiyan
[17] Emma Watson
[11] Kareena Kapoor
[8] twilight(Robert and Kristen)
[6] Shahrukh Khan
[3] Dia Mirza
[3] KANK
[3] Namastey London
[2] Aamir Khan
[2] Aiswarya Rai
[1] Sonam Kapoor
[1] Deepika Padukone

[1] Emma Watson
[1] Madhuri Dixit
[1] Sonam Kapoor
[1] Arjun Rampal
[1] Bips and John

-always credit when use
-don't change my creations
-comments are very much appreciated ;)


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Rang De Basanti caps

This was requested on bolly_caps by divya_g, so I watched the movie
and just capped a few scenes.
I haven't sorted them out, so there may be some ambiguous ones,
but most of them are ok :)
Enjoy and don't forget to credit when use.

(Little spoiler warning: Those who haven't seen the film yet,
shouldn't download the second part, as you get to know the ending)

total: 855 caps
size: 1024x576
file-size: 674 mb
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